3 Common Inground Swimming Pool Questions From Satisfied Clients

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Inground Pool Questions

Learn the basics on cost and value of installing an inground swimming pool

In this episode, Port Building president, Jonathan Portukalian shares the top questions regarding adding an inground swimming pool to your yard.

Port Building installs inground swimming pools throughout Louisville and Southern Indiana, including Charlestown, New Albany, Jeffersonville, Clarksville, Floyds Knobs and most other local area communities.  We pride ourselves on helping you design and build an incredible backyard oasis that makes every day at home throughout the summer feel like an amazing vacation.

For your convenience, you can either watch the inground swimming pool feature video, or also read the content just under the video if you prefer.


Hello, everyone. My name is Jonathan Portukalian. I’m with Port Building. Thank you so much for coming back and watching another video. And in today’s video, we’re going to be talking about the top three questions that I’ve been getting concerning inground swimming pools. And let’s get into it.

Question number one: How is an inground swimming pool constructed?

To start an inground swimming pool, you’re going to want to get all your lines measured out, square with the house or square with whatever you’re basing off just for the visual look.

Then the next would be digging it, getting all the footers dug, and depending on what kind of pool you’re putting in, whether you’re putting in a fiberglass pool, whether you’re putting in a fiberglass walls, vinyl liner pool, whether you’re putting in a gunite pool, so it’s going to depend on that.

And then the next step is going to be getting the footer established, getting all the rebar in, if it’s a gunite pool. And then, just working your way up, and then just putting it piece by piece.

Putting in the walls, getting the plumbing done, the electrical, and moving your way up until you get a finished product. And that’s the overall view of what it takes to construct an inground swimming pool.

Question number two: How much does it cost to put in a pool in your backyard?

That’s just all going to depend. It’s going to depend on whether you want a fiberglass pool, whether you want a vinyl pool, whether you want a gunite pool it’s going to depend on what kind of finishes you’re looking at as far as concrete, what kind of features you want.

It’s a broad scope of things that you can do to a pool, and so really you’re just going to have to get with your pool builder or whoever you’re using to build your pool and just go over what it’s going to cost for that.

Question number three, last but not least: Is an inground swimming pool worth it?

Absolutely. You’re adding value to your home. You’re adding a whole other entertainment space for your friends or family. You’re adding another asset to your home, for resell value.

It’s a great thing to have. I love pools. I’ll put a pool in every house I own personally, because I just love swimming. And I love the vibe. I love the feel. Definitely worth it, in my opinion. So I definitely recommend it.

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