7 Questions Bathroom Remodel Clients Ask

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In this episode, Port Building president, Jonathan Portukalian discusses some of the most frequent questions that are asked when beginning the bathroom remodeling process.

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Question number 1:

What does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

This is going to change and depend on what you want to do with everything. If you’re wanting to completely gut your bathroom and put in a shower, you want to put in a standup shower, not just a tub with a shower spout, there’s a lot of options there. You want to put more trim in. Are you wanting to make a bigger bathroom, so pushing out a couple of walls? It’s all going to depend on what you want, so get with your bathroom remodel builder and local GC, general contractor, and get with them and write up a plan on what you’re looking for.

Question number 2:

What are the steps for remodeling? 

Step one is going to be planning. First, you got to know what you’re going to remodel, right? It’s that whole layout, how you want to go about it. If you’re doing a complete home remodel, you’re going to need everything. You’re going to need from the cabinets down to what walls you want to take out, beams you want to put it in, the whole thing. That’s just the planning process.

Then it leads to the next step, which is going to be you’re checking for structure, checking roofs. If you’re tying into the existing house, you’re going to get an idea of where your plumbing and everything’s going to line up.

Which then you go into step three of your bathroom remodel, and then that’s demolition. You’re going to want to demo. When you’re demoing everything down to the studs or you’re putting in an exterior, you’re just going to demo out the wall and then you’re going to rough in your structure, which is step number four and that is rough in.

You’re roughing your framing, roughing electrical, your plumbing. Get it insulated. Make everything seamless is the goal here, and you want everything to flow. That’s going to be a very important part of our process when we’re doing home remodels.

After that, it’s just step number five, and that’s finishing; putting in the drywall, the finished plumbing, the vanities. We’re putting in the showers, the kitchen cabinets, the granite countertops. We’re doing the whole thing. That’s going to be a longer process, but that’s the whole thing that you’re going to need there.

Then which leads us to step number six, and that’s going to be touch up. Walk through and touch up is our final thing when we do with our customers and our homeowners, is we walk them through the whole project. You want to make sure everything is what we agreed upon and they’re happy, and make sure everything’s touched up right. Then we’re out of your hair, and it was a pleasure doing business with you and hopefully we can do business with you in the future.

Question number 3:

What is the average price to remodel a house?

Again, depending on what you’re doing, if you’re doing a total home remodel with a bathroom, if you’re remodeling your bathroom, you’re remodeling your kitchen, it’s going to depend. It’s going to depend on whether you’re gutting the whole thing and rebuilding everything and remodeling the whole thing, or you’re doing bits and pieces, pulling out a wall here, beam there. It’s just all going to depend on what you’re wanting, so that’s something you got to discuss with your builder and go over that and go from there.

Question number 4:

What are the best shower remodels?

This is just going to depend on what space you have and a little bit of preference. The best in my opinion for a shower is going to be a standup shower with a poured concrete pan with a membrane underneath and tile all the way up. That’s going to be the best quality, the best longevity. These are the types of showers that they’re putting in big multi-million dollar homes. You can do it pretty cost-effective in your home. It’s not as bad as you think, but that’s going to be the best shower. There’s a lot of other things you can do as well, but between that, your preference, and what room you have, it’s going to depend.

Question number 5:

What is a the standard bathroom size?

For most bathroom remodel projects, this is going to be a five by eight, so 60 by 96. Your tub is five foot, so you put your tub on the one end and then you put your vanity next to your toilet on the other end, and then maybe your door in the middle, and that’d be ideal. That’s going to be your standard size of a bathroom.

Question number 6:

What is the best layout for your bathroom?

This is just going to depend on your personal preference. My personal preference, I got a piece of paper here, is going to be… Can you see it here? All right? There’s going to be a door here. This is the door coming in. You got your shower, your vanity, two sinks here, a little closet, and then your toilet. This is going to be about eight foot and this should be probably three, so it’s like eight by eight, roughly. That’s my favorite. That’s my favorite size. It’s really going to be up to you and what you do and how you do it, but that’s my personal preference.

Look on the internet, see what you like, and that’s what we do. When we work with clients, we show them what we’ve done and what we like. Then I tell them to surf the web, go on to Pinterest, do your thing, go look at different ideas. Can we combine this with this and make what we want? We can do anything, whatever you want, your imagination. Sky’s the limits, as they say, so we can get it done, whatever it is.

Question number 7:

What are the bathroom trends of 2020?

Let’s go knock this list off. Granite top vanities, quartz vanity tops make a beautiful part of your bathroom. Walk-in standing showers with tile. You got your tile pan. That’s beautiful. Makes everything look amazing. Benches and showers, seats, those are very handy to have. Niches in showers, your little shower niche for your soaps and your shampoos. You got your ceramic tiles that are better. They’re better quality than your porcelains.

You’re adding value, more value to your home with a bathroom remodel. That’s the trend is it’s gradually moving up the quality of material, and that’s going to help you with that. Let me see here. Glass shower walls, beautiful feature to a bathroom. Glass shower doors, maybe with a knee wall or you just got a shower door. Barn doors entering the bathroom. That makes it super unique and super creative-looking when you’ve got a barn door coming into your bathroom. I love it.

Let me see. Recessed can lighting. You got a smaller bathroom or even a bathroom in general, you got a light above your mirror and then you have recessed cans from the ceiling. It makes it very bright in there and makes it look really big, and it’s a must in a bathroom in my opinion, the recessed can lighting. Wainscoting on the wall with a chair rail, that makes it very modern, very elegant, and just really sets it out, your bathroom, sets it apart from everybody else’s.

Last here, we’re working with the colors now; gray, gray and white, like a bloom white with a copper trim. The gray and white’s the most popular. Just depending on the gray, you get a bluer gray. Lighter grays, like a really light gray with white trim so it’s almost like a white, an off-white with white trim.

There’s a lot of things you can do, but those are the top trends in 2020 for bathroom remodels. So I would definitely give those a look when you’re remodeling your bathroom and consider them, because it makes everything look so much better, these features and all these finishes.

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